AlMersal is an on-demand delivery mobile app that connects users to independent couriers 24 x 7 using a smart and friendly platform.
Now Freelancers of all ages anywhere can work in a flexible manner and increase their income by providing delivery services for our customers. No commission is deducted from the customer or the courier.
Sign up to become part of a large network of customers who request couriers on-demand to deliver different goods and services from and to anywhere in the country. Subscribe now and enjoy delivery services are provided by a large network of couriers.
Looking for extra income, and have a decent car? Join us now. Subscribe now (Mersal). to be one of a large network of couriers who provide a delivery services.


Are you a registered user? Simple. Install the app on your Android or iOS device and sign in as a customer or a driver

Place your order. A nearby suitable driver will accept your order and we will automatically locate your address using GPS.


After a courier accepts your order, you can call him directly. You can track the order in real-time on a map. You will receive notifications to regarding the status of your order.


The order price plus service information will be shown on your screen. Once the courier delivers the order, you will pay him in cash.


Your evaluation of the courier’s performance is very valuable to us and to other customers. These ratings help us monitor and improve services.

Join our team
Become courier and increase your income with flexible working hours. At Al Mersal, we invest in training and motivating couriers to enhance their career development. Your success is our success.


To Register – Customers

Users should fill in all data required by the application in order to complete the registration.

Request an Order

Log in as a customer

  •   Before requesting an order, users will select from a list of categories provides
  • Customer agrees to the total amount of money shown at the screen
  • Users can cancel an order after one minute from placing it
  • Users are not allowed to return the delivered goods
  • Users are not allowed to request illegal items
  • Users should check the items requested before paying for the service
  • Users should rate the Mersal after receiving their order.

To Register – Couriers

  • Download Almersal on your smart phone
  • Register as a courier (Mersal)
  • Fill all the required data
  • You will be requested to upload a short video reciting a text that will pop up on the screen. (This is to ensure that you accept working in Almersal)
  • Once approved, enjoy and start using the app with all its features
  • If the submitted documents are refused by Almersal, your account will be frozen until the right documents are submitted again
  • Almersal has the right to approve or reject the request of the customer based on the price set by the customer or the order placed
  • The courier should be aware of any item requested by the customer


We will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data that the application receives and it will not be disclosed unless it is required by law. When contacting us, we shall handle all data provided by you on the basis that they are confidential. We shall use the data that is submitted by you in answering all your questions, comments or requests on this site.


What you’ll do ?
You’ll work with team of experts from different backgrounds to improve Mersal and Take your ideas to the next level and make something that people use everyday.

Our goal is to have our people stay with us, and we want them to enjoy the successes and challenges.
Required Qualification
Major in the areas of Operational Research, Multi-Objectives Optimisation, Data Mining and Evolutionary Computation. The candidates are required to hold at Bcs. before starting the position, Master and PhD are preferred, and should have a strong programming and research record in the areas specified above. Joining us would support gaining valuable transferable experience in the company of an energetic group. We are looking for a highly motivated, independent but team-oriented researchers.

Our Standards
We recognise that the achievements of our team are the ultimate measures of our success. Thus, we shall provide, to the best of its abilities, the appropriate environment, space and equipment. Adequate resources should be provided to staff in order for them to be successful in their respective job duties. Our diversity leads us to keener insights, innovative thinking, and sound solutions for our clients. Our wide range of expertise helps us tackle complex problems that don’t fit into easily defined categories.

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EvoSys – Strategic Decisions Consulting Company

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Al Andalus, Al Rajhi building, 4th Floor

Telephone: +966 (12) 664 5050

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